Dusky Bengali beauty Bipasha Basu’s decade old ad video is creating a big buzz on you tube these days, because Bipasha Basu is shown topless in the commercial. The video is very revealing and the exposure what Bips did is somewhat non digestible in Indian culture. Commercial was directed by Ken Nahoum and was shot in India itself. Tommy Kane had given the art direction.

Nude Bipasha Basu Video

[flashvideo file=videos/nude-bipasha-basu.flv image=videos/nude-bipasha-basu.jpg /]

The ad was shot long back in the year 1990 for New York Lotto commercial, when Bipasha Basu was a popular model. Actor Vivek Oberoi had also acted in the ad. In the ad, Bips is shown as a princess whose wedding is going to take place that day and she is getting ready for the ceremony. Vivek has been shown as a multi millionaire Prince, going to marry Bipasha. During bath scene in the ad, Bipasha Basu is shown topless, almost semi nude.

When tabloids contacted Bipasha Basu about this, her spoke person confirmed Bipasha’s presence. Her manager tells a daily, “Bipasha Basu had done this ad in 1999 when she was modelling for Ford Modelling Agency in New York. It was done as an international assignment and was meant for the international market. I don’t know why such an old ad has surfaced now.” While Vivek’s spokesperson says they have no “idea” about this ad.

Whatever it is good or bad but this is definitely favoring Bipasha Basu as Bengali Hottie is back in news again in such a bold way.